Wechat sex banglore

Unlike popular microblogging services such as Sina Weibo, where posts can reach millions of people in minutes, We Chat allows users to communicate in small, private circles of friends, and send text and voice messages for free - which is a major part of its success.The Communist Party renewed a campaign to regulate online discourse last year, threatening legal action against people who post rumours online which are reposted more than 500 times or viewed by more than 5,000 people."Some people are using this platform to disseminate negative, harmful or illegal information to the public, seriously damaging the internet system and hurting the public interest," according to a report on state-owned China News Service, alleging the messaging service was "causing dissatisfaction among internet users".The crackdown would focus on accounts sending information with the ability to "communicate [widely] and mobilise society", the report said.

Join SANGAMA in demanding an immediate response to police abuse against transgender people in Bangalore, India, thorough and impartial investigations of all reported incidences of police abuse against these groups, and sensitivity trainings for police regarding issues of sexual orientation and expression and gender identity and expression.Accounts accused of spreading rumours and ideas about violence, terrorism, cheating and sex would be targeted, said the report.Tencent could not be immediately reached for comment.Instead of providing support and relief to her, they carried on the brutal assault at the Police Station.This is not a stray incident but is part of ongoing police violence against hijras.

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