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Kik, the chat app that’s hugely popular among teens and young people in North America, is finally adding video chat to its service.

Rather than straight up person-to-person video calls like Apple’s Face Time, Facebook Messenger or the recently introduced Whats App feature, Kik has added a less intrusive video chat option for its 300 million-plus registered users, with support for groups of up to six.

"It would be naive to think you can run an independent/secure cryptoapp based in the US," he added.

Durov's comments follow earlier unsubstantiated claims that arch-rival Signal was compromised.

In addition to its current Snapchat obsession, the company added Houseparty-like features last winter.) The chat apps function as a low-stakes alternative to doing fully or quasi-public live streams for large groups of friends.The problem is backdoors for some invariably will mean backdoors for all, including repressive regimes, malicious insiders, foreign spies, and criminal hackers.As the world's leading cryptographers say, backdoors in encryption, authentication systems, or any element of security would subvert their effectiveness by introducing enormous risk of exploitation.Sections of the infosec community have poured scorn on Durov's attempts to question the security of a rival chat app."Not sure what's worse here: the backdoor nonsense, or the fact that it's like the Pepsi CEO claiming that Coca Cola is deliberately poison," said Martijn Grooten, editor of Virus Bulletin and self-described occasional security researcher.

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