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The return value, output parameters, and exception handling properties are available from the Object Data Source Status Event Args object that is associated with the event.

For more information about handling events, see NIB: Consuming Events.

The third example shows the data access class that interacts with the Northwind database.

The class uses LINQ to query and update the Employees table.

The object that contains the original data is passed as a parameter to the Update method.

The original data must be passed to the database so that it can be used to check whether the data has been modified by another process.

NET that allow you to easily create websites for working with the CRUD operations of an entire data model that exists as either a Data Context (such as LINQ to SQL) or an Object Context (such as LINQ to Entities). NET provides several server controls that build on top of the features of Microsoft ADO. These controls simplify the development of data-driven websites.This post was going to be a rant about how using the Object Data Source was impossible to handle exceptions thrown while retrieving or updating data.After some experiments and reading some misleading posts I saw only three possible ways: Luckily I accidentally found the right way to do it while looking at the Event Args class properties for the Selected event.My current solution is a method in the class "Device" that just goes back via a "return" command and so the Row Updating from my code behind is doing the job... I think it would be useful for you: Hm thank You for Your answer, but it is not possible to use the Update-Event of the grid right?event to examine the values of a return value or output parameters, or to determine whether an exception was thrown after an Update operation has completed.

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