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It was also influenced by Antiquarianism, which developed as a consequence of a general curiosity for the past.

It is in this commemorative, curious and documental sense that this type of representation was commissioned to be painted on Asian works of art for the Western markets.

Update: Due to the popularity of A Time and A Place: Views and Perspectives on Chinese Export Art, the exhibition has been extended by one week, now closing on Saturday 17 December. The exhibition A Time and A Place: Views and Perspectives on Chinese Export Art focuses on the representation of European buildings and landscapes, Meissen scenes and Chinese cities and landscapes on Chinese export porcelain and other painted mediums.

Celebrating our 30th anniversary, Jorge Welsh Works of Art will hold a commemorative exhibition in our gallery, during Asian Art in London.

It was commissioned for various purposes, such as a family remembrance, status, religious and political token, or simply as a souvenir.

For more information SEE ITEMThis fine example of a Guilford was found in Granville, NC.

Bourbon Street is the hottest spot in town, with no shortage of live jazz, strong coffee and warm beignets. Louis Cemetery Number 1 is the oldest in the city, filled with macabre, voodoo-inspired vaults.

Then wend your way back to Congo Square, dedicated to native son Louis Armstrong and considered the true epicenter of jazz.

The exhibition is not only about cultural exchanges between Europe and China, reflected in 18th century Chinese porcelains and works of art made for export, but also on the extraordinary skills of the talented Chinese painters that copied European sources, such as prints and different prototypes.

The 18th century saw the rise of "Views and Perspectives" as a theme in the hierarchy of the European arts.

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