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The Fat Duck in Bray, the best known of Chef Heston’s restaurants, moved location in Bray, so Chef Heston has had a lot on his plate.Confusingly The Fat Duck in Melbourne has now been transformed into Dinner by Heston Melbourne, becoming a sister restaurant to its London counterpart.Combine New York, London and Amsterdam, add a touch of Calcutta, Rio and Los Angeles - and you get Johannesburg in South Africa.The bustling city can seem overwhelming to the first-time visitor and some travellers are apprehensive, but most visitors end up loving Johannesburg.British Airways has cut its food service and will no longer provide two meals to economy travellers on flights under eight and a half hours.The apparent cost-cutting measures also apply to journeys of less than seven hours for premium economy passengers.

British Airways reported total profits after tax of £2.5 billion for the year ending December 2015, while parent company International Airlines Group saw a 65% rise in annual profits this year.

Although these peak seasons draw large crowds, the temperatures are much more welcoming.

And if that gets you down, move to Wellington, New Zealand, for the best quality of life.

Peter showed me the two clocks in the kitchen, showing London and Melbourne time, if the head chefs need to communicate with each other about new dishes.

Embarrassingly I had slept though my first lunch reservation at the restaurant, made worse by the fact that it had been made for me by Chef Roger Jones, having flown in from New York early in the morning, and was due for lunch on the same day ten days earlier, but feeling ill from a bug which I had caught in The Big Apple.

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