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Retriever Release Date: 06/02/2017 · Format: CD/LP( Downloadcode)/DIGITAL · Cat-No: GRCD 912/GRLP 912 Since the debut album, Disconnection , was released in 2015, and with the P3 Guld award nomination for Best Pop, international record contract the band has managed to play over 100 shows and sold-out tours. read more John Lee Hooker’s World Today Release Date: 05/19/2017 · Format: Vinyl ( Download Code) / Digital · Cat-No: GRLP 911 Hugo Race and Michelangelo Russo are no strangers to either Hooker or the blues.

Hailed as a supreme influence on the music of their band Hugo Race & The True Spirit, here the duo create a full sensory immersion in John Lee Hooker’s...

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First and foremost, most antique phonograph collectors are primarily interested in the machines and recordings made between 18.

The store is quite spacious, and, in addition to records, sells books, t-shirts, and posters.

This would include any vinyl LPs (made from 1948 until present), 45 RPM records (made from 1948 until the early 1980's), CD's (made from 1984 until present) or tape recordings (reels, cassettes, 8-tracks, etc.).

The records we collect and play are either in a cylinder format or a flat disc format, and date from approximately 100 years ago.

read more Bounce Back Release Date: 04/21/2017 · Format: CD/LP( CD)/DIGITAL · Cat-No: GRLP( CD) / GRCD904 “These are changing times: sad times but times that are also filled with hope. read more Simultonality Release Date: 04/14/2017 · Format: CD/LP/DIGITAL · Cat-No: GBCD/LP 048 “Abrams makes music that falls between genres.

And I felt like this changing world required a different position from me, another way of relating to it. There are hints of jazz, rock, raga, and many cultural musics, but it all feels singular." -- Pitchfork We are very proud that Simultonailty will be released in Europe on...

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