Can t connect toupdatingserver samsung pc studio 7

So I download the new version and try to install it, and it breaks off and tells me I need to uninstall previous versions first.

Fair enough, I go to my contraol panel, add remove programs, and there is no option to uninstall PC Studio 7 (! So my phone is full of bugs, and a firmware upgrade is now available, however I cant get it because they havent even thought through the software to allow people to access updates!

I have read on the forums here that a software update is available for the i8910.

So i plug my phone in and try again on PC Studio 7 to update my phones software. So i go to the Samsung Mobile website and Im happy to see that there is a new version of the PC Studio 7 - I currently have I think, maybe that this might work.

I cant believe I bought this piece of crap phone, and then kept it past the 14 days in the belief that they may fix it.

Impressed by the hardware, but software support is shocking.

It is Orange/Samsung in the UK which have released this handset 2-3 months too early with lots of broken software. The uninstall does not work, which is a bloody shame for such a big multinational company.

I hereby award you their highest 'early adopter' medal! I solved it by resetting my system (winxp) to an earlier resetpoint.

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